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What Do People Do With Funeral Flowers?

What Happens to Funeral Flowers?

After the funeral service of a loved one, close family or friends of the deceased may decide to take some of the flowers home after a day or two. Some families may choose to leave the flowers on the grave or at the crematorium. We have put this blog together, to help you make informed decisions on what to do with your funeral flowers.

Taking them home

There is a possibility there will be a large number of funeral flowers at the service and they may not all fit in your home. Hence, you may decide to only take home a small selection of the arrangements. If you decide to take one or more of the arrangements home, this can be quite comforting and a gentle way to remember your loved one, especially if the flowers have a significant meaning behind them. 

Funeral floral arrangements are a comforting reminder that people around you care and that you are not alone in your grief. Sometimes having flowers in your home will not only add some colour and look beautiful but will remind you to celebrate the good times you had with your loved one.

Giving them away

Another option may be to give family and friends the opportunity to take home a floral arrangement in memory of the loved one. It would be appropriate to discuss this as a family and let close family members such as spouses, children, siblings, and grandchildren take flowers before offering them to friends or other family members.


Some families may decide they would like to donate some of the flowers. This may be appropriate if the loved one has passed away in a hospice or home, some flowers may be donated to the home or hospice where they were staying. Some families may plant something at the home or hospice as a memorial for the deceased.

Plant them

You may decide you want to plant something beautiful in memory of the loved one in your garden. Something with meaning and significance behind it which will remind you of your good times. Something you can look after and nurture, a living memorial for the person.


Many people do not realise you can have the flowers immortalised through funeral flowers preservation. The flowers can be dried naturally or by using desiccants. You can press them in a book or you can send them off to be preserved professionally. There are many memorial items which can be made with funeral flowers such as paperweights and ornaments. 

Memorial box frames include flowers and memorabilia such as photos or an order of service or even some memorial jewellery you can wear and keep close for comfort. This is becoming a popular option in the UK, and more funeral flowers are preserved in resin to create something special in memory of the deceased.

Funeral flowers preservation with Sal’s Forever Flowers

Each individual is unique and grief hits everyone in different ways. As individuals humans deal with grief in their own way, one size does not fit all. At Sal’s Forever Flowers, we’ve got you covered when it comes to funeral flowers preservation. Do not hesitate to give us a call on 07854476832 today!

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