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What Colour Flowers for Funerals

Funeral Flowers

In our previous blog, we spoke about funeral flowers and traditions. We looked into who sends flowers and what different flowers represent. Today, we are going to talk about the different colours of flowers and what each one means.

The Significance of Flowers During the Loss of a Loved One

Losing a loved one is one of the hardest things we may go through in life. Saying goodbye is never easy and knowing the flowers we send may be the last thing we do for that person is a good enough reason to get the perfect floral arrangement for our loved one.

A floral arrangement is a traditional way to express our condolences to someone who is experiencing a loss. I consider flowers to be something extremely personal. Knowing what kind of flower represents your loved one or if you did not know the deceased, knowing what each flower represents is quite an important part of choosing the flowers. This is especially crucial if you plan on opting for funeral flower preservation.

There are so many options when it comes to funeral floral arrangements, it can become quite overwhelming. Trying to decide which flowers best suit the deceased can be quite difficult. So let’s take a look at what some of the colours represent when it comes to funeral flowers.

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The Meaning Behind Each Coloured Flower

WHITE – White is a traditional colour for funeral and sympathy flowers. The colour represents peace, innocence and honour. White flowers are suitable for any funeral occasion and funeral flower preservation.

RED – Red funeral flowers represent strength and beauty. Red is always a touch of brightness and warmth in a funeral flower arrangement.

BLUE – Blue flowers can symbolise good wishes for the family and hopes for the future. They also express deep condolences and mourning.

YELLOW & ORANGE – The vibrant yellow and orange flowers often represent happy memories. They are more about the celebration of the deceased’s life.

PINK – Pink flowers represent sympathy and softness. Pink is a respectful option for sympathy and funeral floral arrangements.

PURPLE – Purple flowers signify dignity and respect. They are the perfect colour for funeral flowers and pair nicely with pinks representing a comforting and colourful arrangement or white for a peaceful, soothing arrangement.

Mixing Coloured Flowers for the Perfect Arrangement

Now that you know what each individual colour represents in a funeral floral arrangement, you can always mix them up to make the perfect combination. Funeral flower arrangements can achieve a greater meaning by using different coloured flowers. For example, a vibrant floral arrangement consisting of purples, oranges and yellows is the perfect mix of colours for a celebration of life.

An arrangement that has a combination of white lilies and deep green foliage represents a sense of peace and serenity. 

Red and white flowers in a funeral arrangement are also a very popular colour choice. The red and white flowers represent peace and strength at the same time, making them the perfect combination for the ultimate send-off.

You can always choose your desired combination for a funeral flower preservation so you have something tangible to represent your loved one and their life. Contact us for more information.

Tell us, what kind of floral arrangement do you think is most appropriate for a funeral? Leave a comment below.

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