When you place your order, you are agreeing to the understanding that some flowers change colour and shape as they dry. Your flowers may darken or change tone and they tend to shrink a little. Some flowers dry a lot better than others, if your arrangement is all one type of flower or you have concerns over their suitability feel free to message me to discuss them. There is a possibility that the flowers may become dull over time.

I use a high-quality UV resistant resin for all of my pieces. All of my resin work is handmade, by me. Please expect some small bubbles within your items, sometimes on the surface. I work very hard to minimise these but it is the nature of flowers to trap air within the petals so it is sometimes unavoidable.

Every piece I make is one of a kind and so I consider small imperfections to be part of the charm of a handmade piece. As your items are handmade, they will not look like they have been manufactured by machine. As a result of handcrafted items each and every single item has a unique quality. Resin products will have a slight variation either caused by making or during the finishing of your products.

Every effort is made to ensure colours appear as realistic as possible on pre-made items, however, this sometimes depends on different web browsers, we cannot guarantee exact colours. Measurements on all products are approximate and vary according to size of the item.

Please keep your resin pieces away from direct sunlight and chemicals (perfume, polishes, cleaning sprays, soaps etc). Resin can be wiped over with a slightly damp cloth if needed. Resin can scratch so keep it away from rough/sharp surfaces. Resin can discolour over time.

Your item will be made and dispatched to you in approximately 6 – 12 weeks but at peak times this may be longer

Cancellations are accepted within 24 hours of the order being placed or at my discretion after this time.

If you have already sent me your flowers then any cancellation refund would be subject to a £25 deduction fee for the sorting and handling of the flowers. Your flowers will only be returned on request, this is not an automatic process after cancellation.

Once orders are complete any left over flowers may be used by myself to make up some sample pieces, unless I am specifically asked to return any of the flowers. There is a one week window from the date of your order being dispatched to request any flower returns, which will be subject to p&p. Sample pieces will not be available for purchase. 

Refunds – All preservation pieces are custom made pieces and therefore non-refundable. Should you have an issue with your pieces please get in touch with me at your earliest convenience. Please be mindful of the description above as preservation pieces will not be ‘perfect’ – they are handmade and using natural items therefore small imperfections are not considered as faults.

By placing an order with Sals Forever Flowers you will be deemed to have read, understood and agreed to these Terms and Conditions. If you are unhappy with any aspect of these terms, then you should contact Sal before placing an order with us via email. 

Bookings are not secure until payment is made