XL Large Heart Flower Preservation 25cm

£285.00 (exc VAT)

Would you like a unique way to preserve flowers from your magical day to create a timeless keepsake? Perhaps you are looking for a special gift to give to a couple on her big day? Then our bespoke flower preservation services will be the answer your looking for! A personalised sentiment from their special day.

This stunning heart the perfect statement piece. It freestanding , and stands on its side.
The Heart is one of the most popular items at Sals Forever Flowers Ltd. The resin heart comes in a variety of sizes, from the smaller pocket hugs and keyrings to the whopping 25cm heart which is approx 6cm deep. The size you pick for your preservation peice is often dictated by the size of your flowers and whether you wish to preserve the full flowers or just some of the petals.

This heart is the perfect size for any small, medium and larger flower heads.
Besides preserving your precious flowers & petals, you can also choose to include any other sentimental items that will help keep alive those memories. Great choices include confetti, ribbon or charms.
All of our items are handmade with love and care, which means the process can take anything up to 25 weeks.