Standing heart

£102.00 (inc VAT)

Introducing the Standing Heart: a captivating and exquisite resin heart designed to encapsulate and preserve your cherished flowers. Crafted with utmost care and attention to detail, this beautiful upstanding heart serves as an exceptional ornament and a heartfelt addition to any home.

The Standing Heart provides a unique way to honour and remember special occasions or beloved individuals. Its graceful design and translucent resin create a mesmerizing display that captures the essence of your precious flowers, immortalizing their beauty and significance.

Every Standing Heart is meticulously handcrafted, ensuring a high level of quality and artistry. The clear resin material is carefully poured, allowing for a seamless encapsulation of your chosen flowers. The result is a stunning, three-dimensional centrepiece that showcases the delicate petals, vibrant colours, and intricate details of your floral mementos.

Display the Standing Heart in any room or area that calls for a touch of elegance and sentiment. Whether it graces a mantle, adorns a shelf, or becomes the centrepiece of a coffee table, this exquisite resin heart will be a conversation starter and a source of fond memories.

Preserving flowers within the Standing Heart is effortless. Simply arrange your chosen blooms inside the heart-shaped cavity, ensuring they are positioned to highlight their most captivating features. Once sealed, the heart protects the flowers from natural decay, allowing you to savour their beauty for years to come.

The Standing Heart serves as a thoughtful gift for loved ones or as a personal keepsake. Whether it commemorates a wedding, anniversary, graduation, or any other significant milestone, this unique ornament encapsulates emotions and memories, making it a truly heartfelt gesture.

Capture the essence of your treasured flowers and create a lasting tribute with the Standing Heart. Embrace its timeless beauty and let it remind you of the joy, love, and significance found within the petals that hold your precious memories.

The deepest part of the heart is at the base at around 3cm deep. The heart is approximately 7cm tall making it a nice size for a mantel piece or shelf.

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