Resin Flower Arch

£255.00 (inc VAT)

Introducing our exquisite Resin Flower Arch, a captivating arch ornament crafted with utmost care to preserve the beauty of your precious flowers from any memorable occasion. With its mesmerizing design and expert craftsmanship, this enchanting piece allows you to encapsulate the essence of your cherished moments in a timeless and unique form.

Our Resin Flower Arch serves as a stunning centrepiece, designed to showcase the delicate petals and vibrant colours of your flowers. Each bloom is carefully encased within a crystal-clear resin, ensuring its longevity and preserving its natural elegance for years to come.

Whether it’s the bouquet from your wedding day, a sentimental gift from a loved one, or a symbol of an unforgettable celebration, our Resin Flower Arch is a remarkable way to honour those significant moments. The arch ornament can be displayed in various settings, such as on a mantelpiece, a bookshelf, or even as a focal point for your special event.

The Resin Flower Arch is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, who take great pride in their attention to detail. The arch features a sturdy base that ensures stability and longevity. Its elegant design incorporates graceful curves, creating a visually captivating framework for your preserved flowers.

Not only does our Resin Flower Arch bring beauty and elegance to any space, but it also serves as a conversation starter and a cherished keepsake. Each piece is unique, as the arrangement of flowers within the resin is customized to your specific preferences, making it a truly personalized work of art.

Capture the essence of your most cherished memories with our Resin Flower Arch. Whether as a sentimental gift for someone special or a treasured addition to your own home, this exquisite ornament will forever encapsulate the beauty and significance of your beloved flowers, allowing you to relive those moments time and time again.

This piece is 22cm tall, 17cm wide and approximately 4cm deep

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