Facetted Edge Resin Flower Preservation Ornament

£175.00 (exc VAT)

Introducing our exquisite Faceted Edge Resin Flower Preservation Ornament, a truly mesmerizing piece that combines the beauty of nature with sleek, modern design. Crafted with utmost precision and care, this ornament is a stunning way to encapsulate your cherished flowers, preserving their essence for eternity.

The centrepiece of this ornament is its iceberg-shaped resin enclosure, which delicately cradles and protects your flowers. The faceted edges of the resin add a touch of elegance and sophistication, casting mesmerizing reflections as light dances upon its surface. This unique design ensures that your preserved flowers become a captivating focal point, captivating all who lay their eyes upon it.

The resin used in crafting this ornament is of the highest quality, chosen for its clarity and durability. It acts as a timeless showcase, allowing your flowers to be forever frozen in a state of natural beauty. The transparent nature of the resin ensures that every delicate petal, every intricate detail of your flowers is magnificently displayed, evoking a sense of wonder and admiration.

Whether it’s a bouquet from a special occasion, a beloved flower from a meaningful moment, or a gift from a loved one, this ornament will lovingly preserve those memories and emotions. It serves as a constant reminder of the fleeting beauty of life, capturing a moment that can be cherished and cherished again, for years to come.

The sleek, modern design of this ornament makes it a versatile piece that complements any home décor. It seamlessly blends into contemporary settings, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance. Placed on a shelf, hung from a hook, or displayed in a curated collection, it will be a conversation starter, evoking admiration and curiosity.

The Faceted Edge Resin Flower Preservation Ornament is more than just a decorative piece; it is a testament to the profound connection between nature and art. It symbolizes the eternal beauty of flowers and the cherished memories they hold. Embrace this breath-taking creation, and let it be a lasting tribute to the precious moments that shape our lives.

This piece will make a statement in any home. with it being 5cm deep it’s a great size for small or larger flower heads.