Sympathy Flower Preservation Double Display Memory Box

£295.00 (exc VAT)

when we loose someone dear to us it is hard to imagine life going on without them. People react to a loss in many different ways. if you have landed on this page you would have suffered a loss and we offer our deepest condolences. we are very sorry for your loss.

This double display memory box is the perfect way to display memorabilia and flowers to remember a loved one and the fond memories you have.

The beauty of the doue display is it is such a versatile way to add photos, jewellery, flowers from a funeral and more but being able to display them in a beautiful non conventional way.

The frame itself is 12″x15″ and has a section for a 6×4 photo if you would like to add a photo or even a order of service.

This frame can be made up so it’s landscape or portrait. we are always here to discuss your preferences.

The frame comes in a choice of black, white, pink, blue, antique silver or gold.


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