Cherish memories from your wedding day forever with our wedding flowers preservation. A wedding day bouquet is more than just something nice to look at, it is something that walks with you during your wedding day, throughout the nervousness, excitement and love.

Love never dies and we believe that flowers shouldn’t have to either. Don’t throw away your precious memories when our team can turn them into exquisite art pieces that can last a lifetime with our wedding flowers preservation service

It’s so simple to receive your order with Sal’s Forever Flowers. All you have to do is send us your flowers through the post following our instructions, wait for our artists to work their magic, and receive your keepsake in the post!

Our artists can provide you with a range of beautiful items, including jewellery, candle holders, photo frames, keyrings, paperweights and more. Have a look at our products today to see how wedding flower preservation can help your fairytale last a lifetime.

Wedding Flower Preservation Product Range