Cherish memories from your wedding day forever with wedding flower preservation. A wedding day bouquet is more than just something nice to look at, it is something that walks with you during your wedding day, throughout the nervousness, excitement and love.

Love never dies and we believe that flowers shouldn’t have to either. Don’t throw away your precious memories when our team can turn them into exquisite art pieces that can last a lifetime.

It’s so simple to receive your order with Sal’s Forever Flowers. All you have to do is send us your flowers through the post following our instructions, wait for our artists to work their magic, and receive your gifts in the post!

Our artists can provide you with a range of beautiful items, including jewellery, candle holders, photo frames, keyrings, paperweights and more. Take a look at our products today to see how wedding flower preservation can help your fairytale last a lifetime.

Wedding flower preservation has been around for thousands of years. You can get your wedding flowers turned into many different art forms, but they will all go through a similar process. This process involves drying and storing wedding flowers so that they can be displayed in your favourite form to keep forever.

Who says that our service needs to be for you and your loved one only? They also make beautiful gifts for individuals who helped make your wedding special, such as bridesmaids or groomsmen.

Our special gifts include keychains, cufflinks, jewellery and more. Spread the love by giving your favourite people wedding bouquet preservation gifts today.

Here at Sals Forever Flowers, we take pride in making memories last forever with our wedding flower preservation. Your flowers can be transformed into a range of different products that cater to your unique style. Typically, people choose to store their wedding flowers via resin flower preservation. By using resin, you can turn your wedding flowers into a range of useful items, such as clutch bags, photo frames, jewellery, candle holders and more.

Our flower preservation service typically doesn’t require a whole bouquet, but how many flowers we will need depends on how many items and the size of the items you would like.

Keep in mind that a bigger supply of your bouquet will give our artists more of an opportunity to create something exquisite. You can choose whatever flowers you like, pick the colours, sizes and shapes you want, send them off and wait for your art piece to arrive through your door.

All our floral artworks are easily cleaned, made to last forever and timeless. There are just a few ways to keep them in tip-top shape. Simply wipe your flower preservation clean by using a damp cloth and water- don’t use any harsh chemicals! We also recommend that you keep your treasured artefact out of direct sunlight to avoid discolouration.

Cherish your memories forever by getting your wedding flowers preserved today.


Wedding Flower Preservation

We are proud to be a multi-award-winning business, that dedicates our time to creating unique pieces that will last a lifetime. We have earned our fantastic reputation over the years by consistently putting all our efforts into making you happy. Whether that be within the design of your flower preservation or our customer service, we are renowned for putting our all into everything we do.
I cannot accept any Anthuriums as they have a waxy coating that prevents them from drying out. A lot of customers ask if I can preserve succulents – I will always say no to succulents as they contain too much water. It is always better to send us a large sample for your wedding bouquet preservation so that we can choose the flowers that are in the best shape and haven’t been damaged in transit. If we notice that your sample is damaged, we will let you know.
Your flowers will keep their same shape and form entirely, meaning they will look very similar to how your flowers looked on the day. The only aspect to them that will change slightly is the colour. Wedding bouquet preservation takes on a more antique look when they are preserved. For example, red roses will turn slightly darker, white flowers will turn slightly cream and true blue will remain the same colour.
No, just choose a large enough sample for your wedding flower preservation, with the colours and flowers that you wish to keep forever!
We accept:
  • Debit cards
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  • Paypal
  • Klarna
  • Gift cards
We are able to preserve flowers that are up to one week old, possibly even longer if they are still fresh. Ideally, you should send in your wedding flowers as soon as possible. The fresher the flower is, the better the final result will be.
Yes, you definitely can! If someone can bring them home with them, within 7 days of your wedding day, it’s possible! Just make sure to check with your airline that there are no restrictions on bringing back wedding flowers from that country. We have received wedding flowers from all over the world!
Your wedding flower preservation should be stored the same as any other piece of art would be. Keep your ornament away from direct sunlight, humid environments and direct heat sources. If you follow this advice, your wedding flower preservation should last you a lifetime.
The process of ordering couldn’t be simpler. Browse the website and pick the products you would like to have made. When you purchase your items, you will be able to add an event date at checkout. All you have to do then is post out your flowers. Full instructions can be found under the useful info tab. Once I have received your flowers you will receive regular updates and photos.
One of the most common questions asked is how do I get my flowers to you? Full illustrated instructions and addresses can be found on the instructions page under the useful information tab.