Cherish Memories with Preserved Flower Tea Light Holders

Tea lights create a warm, cosy glow perfect for peaceful reflection. Combining delicate floral preserves with tea light holders allows you to cherish treasured memories illuminated in soft candlelight.

At Sals Forever Flowers, we offer beautiful tea light holders to display your preserved funeral or wedding flowers. These meaningful holders let you honour past moments and loved ones through the gentle flicker of candlelight on tenderly preserved buds.

Browse our collection of floral tea light holders to forever cherish past moments in a gentle candle glow.

Special Types of Floral Tea Light Holders

We provide a range of distinctive tea light holders to complement your cherished preserved flowers. Here are some of our favourite designs:

1. Crystal Clear Resin Holders

For an avante-garde option, our resin holders embed your chosen flowers directly inside the clear resin. Once lit, the tea light appears to flame amongst your flowers suspended in time. This creates a stunning modern display.

2. Glass Dome Holders

Our elegantly curved glass domes have open bases to hold a tea light. Display your preserved arrangement or single blooms under the dome, encasing them in glass while the candle’s flame illuminates their preserved details. The dome’s round shape reflects the light beautifully.

3. Square Glass Holders

For a more traditional look, our square tea light holders feature straight sides and flat bottoms to neatly house your tea light. Square holders combine well with pressed or dried flower displays arranged in coordinating shapes. The candlelight catches their delicate details.

4. Rustic Metal Holders

Our textured metal tea light holders have a raw, earthy feel. Metal complements dried floral displays with rustic appeal. The metal amplifies the candle glow, casting romantic light over your preserved flowers.

How to Select the Perfect Holders

When choosing holders, consider what best fits your preserved flowers:

  1. Match the shape and size to complement arrangements.
  2. Pick neutral colours to let the flowers take the spotlight.
  3. Consider resin or glass for delicate blooms and metal for dried flowers.
  4. Choose sturdy non-flammable materials for safety with open flames.

Our team is happy to help you select the ideal tea light holder for your treasured floral preserves.

Caring for Your Display

Follow these tips to safely enjoy your holders for years:

  1. Never leave burning candles unattended.
  2. Keep away from drafts to prevent rapid melting.
  3. Allow melted wax to fully harden before relighting to prevent buildup.
  4. Clean glass and resin occasionally with mild soap and water.

Let us help you find the perfect holders to forever cherish past moments in a gentle candle glow. Browse our collection of floral tea light holders online or contact Sals Forever Flowers today. We look forward to assisting you in creating a heartwarming memorial display.