Sals Forever Flowers are dedicated to making your most important memories last with our funeral flower preservation service.

Losing a loved one is difficult for us all and sometimes having something to remember them can help you to reminisce on the good memories you had with friends or family members. A loving way to do this is through funeral flowers preservation, which will honour the person you love and be a lifetime treasure for yourself to keep.

Our team will work with precision to make your treasured memories shine through the flowers and resin. Our crafters have worked on hundreds of funeral flower preservation pieces and understand what makes an item timeless, nostalgic and beautiful.

At Sals Forever Flowers, we will handle your item with great care to ensure that your funeral flowers are presented in the best way possible so that you are happy with the finished product. Make the good memories last by looking at our range of preserved funeral flowers today.

Funeral Flowers Preservation Product Range

Why Preserve Funeral Flowers as Keepsakes?

The funeral flowers that adorn a loved one’s final farewell hold deep sentimental meaning. Preserving these flowers in memorial keepsakes provides grieving families with lasting comfort.

We at Sals Forever Flowers understand the importance of transforming meaningful funeral flowers into treasured keepsakes. These preserved floral mementoes memorialize your loved one and can be cherished for years to come.

Types of Funeral Flower Preservation Keepsakes

There are a few methods available for preserving funeral flowers as keepsakes. Here are some of our most cherished memorial options:

Resin Keepsakes

One unique technique is casting funeral flowers in crystal clear resin. We carefully place your selected blooms in moulds and pour liquid resin over them. The resin hardens into a solid acrylic block, preserving the flowers exactly as they were at the funeral service. This creates a one-of-a-kind memorial keepsake.

Pressed Flower Keepsakes

Pressing is another preservation method that transforms funeral flowers into keepsakes. Your flowers are carefully pressed between sheets of absorbent paper. We then frame the pressed flowers under glass for you to display. It keeps their original details intact as a sentimental memorial.

Dried Flower Keepsakes

We can dry and preserve funeral flowers in shadowboxes, glass domes or photo frames. Drying fully preserves both the flower’s form and emotional significance. Displaying your preserved dried flowers creates a meaningful memorial keepsake.

How to Choose the Right Funeral Flower Keepsake?

With different preservation options, how do you choose the ideal keepsake method? Here are some tips:

  1. Consider the meaning – Do you want to preserve an entire arrangement or select special blooms? This impacts the methods suitable.
  2. Think about final use – Resin keeps intact bouquets as displayed. Pressing and drying allows more flexibility for memorial collages.
  3. Factor in durability – Resin keepsakes are most durable for frequent handling. Pressed flowers require more delicate care.
  4. Decide on aesthetic – Resin offers a clear view. Dried flowers maintain realistic textures. Pressed shows flatter details.

Discuss these considerations with our compassionate team. We’ll guide you to creating the perfect funeral flower keepsake.

Tips for Caring for Your Funeral Flower Keepsake

Follow these tips to preserve your funeral flower keepsake:

  1. Display out of direct sunlight to prevent fading.
  2. Handle resin keepsakes with care as drops can cause cracks.
  3. Control room humidity around dried flowers to prevent moisture damage.
  4. Periodically dust-pressed flowers under glass to prevent buildup.
  5. Consider re-framing pressed flowers if paper yellows over time.

With proper care, your floral funeral keepsake can memorialize your loved one for years to come.

At Sals Forever Flowers, we treat every funeral flower keepsake as the heartfelt memorial it is. Speak to our caring team about preserving meaningful flowers from your loved one’s funeral service into a lasting treasure.