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How to Make a Flower Bouquet Box

Making a Flower Bouquet Box

Here at Sals Forever Flowers we love framing all your precious flowers. A flower bouquet box is a spectacular way of doing so. 

Having your flowers framed is one of the more time consuming flowers preservation methods. Unlike a lot of other preservation artists, we don’t just dry your flowers and pop them in a shadow box frame.

Each flower is individually preserved using resin and sprays to make sure it is truly frozen in time. Keep reading to find out how to make a flower bouquet box that you or your loved one will absolutely adore!

how to make a flower bouquet box

Different Methods to Drying Out Flowers

There are three methods to dry out your flowers.

The first method when learning how to make a flower bouquet box would be the traditional method of hanging your flowers in a warm, dark well ventilated place to dry. You can tie them into small bunches and hang them up. This method is great if your planning on drying your flowers out yourself. The only downfall of this method is the flowers can fade whilst drying.

The second method is to have your flowers freeze-dried. Freeze drying flowers is a process using a freeze drying machine. It’s not something that can be done at home. You would need a specialist to do this for you.

The third method of learning how to make a flower bouquet box would be to use desiccants to dry your flowers. This is Sals Forever Flowers preferred method. Using desiccants is time consuming but gives good results when done properly.

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Process of Framing Your Dried Flowers in a Flower Bouquet Box

how to make a flower bouquet box



Once you have chosen your preferred method of drying your flowers you can pop your flowers away to dry.

Whilst your flowers dry, it may be worth thinking about what size frame you may want to use when figuring out how to make a flower bouquet box and start sourcing that.


It’s also good to pre-plan how you want to display your flowers.

Will you have a side view of the bouquet, or maybe a birds-eye view just showing the top? Maybe you’re wanting to fill the whole frame with flowers. There are so many options for you to explore when learning how to make a flower bouquet box.

Whatever option you decide on, remember to have fun and get creative with your design!

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how to make a flower bouquet box

Your Special Flower Bouquets Transformed into Bouquet Boxes

Take a look at some of your stunning bouquets from memorable occasions turned into flower bouquet boxes! For more information on how to make a flower bouquet box, feel free to contact us here.

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