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How Long Will My Wedding Flower Preservation Take?

Wedding Flower Preservation

After months if not years of preparing for your special day, your day finally arrives. The perfect venue and setting, the perfect outfits, the perfect decor and flowers. The day that you have dreamt of for all those months. On the day you spend time getting ready, surrounded by your loved ones. The anticipation of seeing your future spouse, the build-up of the day has started.

Your flowers are delivered in corsages, buttonholes and bouquets. Everything is just perfect and you’re ready for your ceremony and your special day. At the end of the most magical day, your wedding bouquet is left to the side or you take it back with you and pop it in a vase of water. Imagine being able to preserve those flowers and being able to enjoy them for many years to come.

Duration of Wedding Flower Preservation

The modern art of wedding flower preservation is one way in which you can turn this into reality. Having a memorable keepsake made with your flowers, which will last a lifetime such as an ornament or paperweight. You could even have some jewellery made or have your bouquet framed so you can enjoy the beauty of it daily, whilst being constantly reminded of your beautiful day.

The process of preserving your wedding flowers is one which is time-consuming and very delicate. It’s not something that can be rushed. Your flowers have to be completely dried out before they can be encapsulated in resin immortalising them.

The drying process can take anything between 8 weeks and 14 weeks. If your flowers are not completely dry before submerging in resin they will rot over time, so it’s important that this process is completed with utmost precision and care.

Once your flowers are dry the magic can start. Sometimes, these flowers need touching up which can take a few weeks and other times they may need to be reconstructed. Each flower can take anything up to 5 hours to reconstruct depending on what type of flower this is. Touching up and reconstruction can take 1-2 weeks depending on how much time is available to spend daily on the flowers.

When the flowers are in top condition, they are ready for submerging in the resin. This process can take anything from a few days to a few weeks depending on the type of keepsake which is being made and the type of resin which is being used. Most items need to be made in layers which is time sensitive and technical. This stage can take anything from 1-3 weeks.

After your items have been cast, the final finishing touches will be to sand and buff your items. This will again take anything from a week to two weeks. Once this stage has been completed your items are ready to post out.

On the whole, your preservation pieces can take anything up to 25 weeks however when it is peak wedding season the turnaround time can increase considerably as the same process needs to be completed for each order.

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