How to Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet

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Odette’s Wedding Bouquet

I had the pleasure of working with Odette this year. This lovely couple was married in August 2021. Odette had a stunning Bouquet full of sunflowers, gerberas, and dahlias. The oranges and reds captured the summer months perfectly.

Odette approached me to have her Wedding Bouquet preserved.  Odette wanted to capture ‘a moment in time’ through having her wedding bouquet preserved, and what better way than to go to a local Telford resin artist who could do just that. Odette asked if she would be able to drop off her wedding bouquet and collect it rather than having to use the post. Of course, I said yes to this, I love nothing more than to meet brides who I will be creating these precious keepsakes for.

How to Preserve a Wedding Bouquet

The process of preserving a wedding bouquet can be quite a long and tedious process but as you all probably know by now I love a challenge. This particular Bouquet was one of the hardest Wedding Bouquets I have ever had to preserve. This was because every single flower fell apart through the drying process. I don’t freeze dry flowers, I use desiccants to dry flowers which can sometimes mean this will happen. It took some time to put each flower back together one petal at a time. Once each flower was reconstructed, they were carefully coated in resin. This is quite a tricky process as the flowers are very delicate and can break if not handled the right way.

Once the resin had dried it was time to put the frame together. This particular frame took approximately four hours to put together. Placing each flower and each bit of foliage in the right place can be quite a tricky job. You have to place each flower where you think it needs to go but nine times out of ten I will rearrange them three to four times before I am happy with how they look. Call me stupid but then I take them all apart again so the flowers can be carefully fixed in place.

Odette came to collect the frame one afternoon and was over the moon. She asked me not to wrap it so she could see the end result. Her face lit up as she saw her Wedding Bouquet in the frame. She happily said, “I have to go and find somewhere to hang it now”. A tip for my customers is to imagine where you will be putting your products in your home when you order them, this will help you pick what products are best suited for your home.






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