Yes, absolutely. Frozen milk is suitable for preservation to create your jewellery pieces. Even if the milk has been sat in the freezer for many years, we can still use this milk to create your jewellery. All we request is the milk is fully thawed before posting.

We need 10ml of milk to create your Forever Milk Drops jewellery. We always recommend keeping some in the freezer at home in case of loss through postage as a back-up.
Yes, as standard procedure for preservation pieces we will be in touch on the day your milk arrives.
Take your time and try to express a small amount daily. We can work with as little as 8ml. You can add to your milk every day, just keep it in a airtight container in the fridge. It does not matter if it takes weeks to express.
We recommend first class postage which generally arrives within a day or two. To be extra certain you can always opt for next day delivery, however this is not necessary. As breastmilk is a natural product which has antibacterial properties it is not very likely that it will go bad during postage.
Each drop of milk is unique and holds it own colouring which can differ very slightly. The jewellery findings are all the same as in the photos and will not differ however the milk drops are made by hand and are all unique. We will do our best to replicate the photo you see on the website however due to the nature of the milk drops being handmade there is always a possibility of a very slight variation in pieces.
With all our Milk Drops preservation pieces this depends on how busy we are at the time. We always recommend our breastmilk preservation will take up to 12 weeks to complete, however this can vary.
Yes, it is as all our jewellery is set on 925 sterling silver, however, please bear in mind that the Milk Drop is made from the milk inclusion and resin, there are care instructions to follow for this: – Do not submerge your jewellery pieces in water. Remove your jewellery when showering or washing dishes. Resin is not waterproof so this will cause damage to your Milk Drops. – Do not expose your jewellery pieces to direct sunlight when its not being worn. Keep it stored in a dry place such as a jewellery box or its original packaging. – Do not expose your jewellery to chemicals, perfumes, and lotions. – Keep your jewellery away from high temperatures as this will damage your Milk Drops. – Although we use a high-grade resin it can still chip, become scratched and break if knocked. So please be careful when wearing your jewellery.
Please use a silver jewellery polishing cloth to clean your jewellery which is provided with your Milk Drops Jewellery.

The answer is NO. we only work with Breastmilk inclusion.

We will keep this stored safely for up to 6 months in powder form, so if you wanted to order any more pieces it will be possible.