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Floral Wedding Trends for 2022

2022 Wedding Bouquet Trends

Although we’re not florists here at Sals Forever Flowers, we do handle your gorgeous wedding bouquets daily. We have several wedding florists we work alongside, and we’re always seeking advice on what trends to expect, including colours and flowers.

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As a flower preservation specialist, last year we saw lots of natural tones from whites and foliage to bright vibrant colours and anything in-between. We saw lots of traditional bouquets and as the year went on, we saw the beautiful Christmas Bouquets full of reds and whites, pinecones and baubles which were breathtaking.

How Wedding Bouquets Trends Are Changing

One thing for sure is that wedding bouquets this year will be bigger and bolder than previous years. Couples are becoming more creative and looking for unique ways to celebrate their big day, including floral arrangements. Brides are looking for the WOW factor when it comes to their flowers.

The Pantone colour of the year 2022 is Very Peri: A blue shade with a violet, red undertone. This represents carefree confidence and a daring curiosity that animates our creative spirit as well as being inquisitive and intriguing. 

Did you know it’s the first time in history that they have chosen a new colour of the year? We are certainly expecting to see lots of flowers come through in this special shade this year ready to be preserved, setting a new challenge for florists all over the world.

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Making a BOLD Statement

While pastel coloured wedding bouquets have always been a traditional and elegant theme, we are seriously enjoying working with and preserving bright and bold colours. This year we are already seeing a lot of vibrant colours and have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of reds, bright pinks, oranges and purples. Oh, we’re so excited for 2022 flower trends.


We’re expecting to see a lot of texture this year. As resin floral preservation specialists, we saw some texture last year, but only a limited amount. This year, we’re expecting lots of texture and looking forward to working with it all from Pampas to dry flowers and extra foliage. Mixing fresh and dried flowers is a great way of adding texture to your floral arrangements.

Dramatic Floral Backdrops, Arches and Hanging Displays

Last year we started seeing a lot of flower walls at weddings, making the perfect backdrop for photos. This trend is not going anywhere this year. In fact, we expect to see it become bigger and more dramatic. 

Couples are really going ‘all out’ with feature floral walls using bold dramatic colours and styling to create the wow factor. We found couples talking to us about having matching floral décor in the arch and on tables to really make a statement.

Block Colours

Block colours are an exciting way to incorporate certain colours into your wedding bouquets and décor. The main aim of colour blocking is to use colours and hues but break them up by using clean lines. You can pair two shades of the same colour family or be bold and use three or four hues if you’re really going for the wow factor.

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Showstopper Centrepieces

Again, this comes down to textures, colours and adding a variety of items to your centrepieces, such as candles, a variety of vases and table arches. Giving height and depth to the centrepieces can really create the wow factor. 

More and more brides today are looking for unique centrepieces by adding a mixture of small and taller vases with candles and blooms. Last year we had a lot of wildflower arrangements in bouquets and centrepieces which were stunning. This year we are looking forward to seeing a bolder variety of blooms.

Using Locally Grown Blooms

Although sustainability is not an actual trend, it is something more newly engaged couples are looking at. Sourcing locally grown seasonal flowers and foliage from local florists is becoming more and more popular every year. It’s always good to check out what your local florist has to offer that is homegrown. Local flowers are great when looking for something truly unique, bold and vibrant.

Wedding Flower Keepsakes

After considering all the above couples are becoming more reluctant of letting their wedding flowers die and are looking at having keepsakes created from the event, including their wedding bouquets. 

Wedding flower keepsakes have become a very popular trend over the last few years. There are so many ways that you can have your wedding flowers preserved into stunning keepsakes. 

Some of the products we offer here at Sals Forever Flowers are framed wedding bouquets in box frames, resin blocks and discs, resin jewellery incorporating precious blooms, paperweights and ornaments. Contact us today for more information on our wedding flower preservation

Tell us, what’s a floral wedding trend you’re expecting to see in 2022? Leave a comment below!

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