The process of ordering couldn’t be simpler. Browse the website and pick the products you would like to have made. When you purchase your items you will be able to add an event date at checkout. All you have to do then is post out your flowers, full instructions cane be found under the useful info tab. 

Once I have received your flowers you will receive regular updates and photos. 

One of the most common question asked is how do I get my flowers to you? Full illustrated instructions and address can be found on the instructions page  under the useful information tab 

How soon do I need to send my flowers to you? As soon as possible, to enable me to keep as much colour as possible. The flowers will last up to two weeks but at this point they will start wilting . So the sooner you can get your flowers to me the better it is  for me to start the drying process. 

Do I need to dry my flowers myself? No, absolutely not. I will take care of this for you unless you have pre dried flowers you would like me to preserve.

Can you only use fresh flowers? No, this is not the case at all. I can encapsulate fresh, dry and artificial flowers. I also preserve hair and fur in resin to create keepsakes.