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Eco Friendly and Sustainable Flowers for Events

The Importance of Sustainable Flowers

We have teamed up with our friend Janet at Holyrood Flowers to talk about eco-friendly and sustainable flowers.

When planning a wedding or a funeral, how many of you wonder where your flowers came from and what might happen to them after the event? 

Many flowers are grown thousands of miles away using pesticides and chemicals. They are flown in and then get delivered on a lorry. They are then kept in fridges until they are collected or delivered. 

The alternative to this is to use seasonal, British sustainable flowers that are locally grown by some of the most fantastic growers, such as Janet from Holyrood Flowers. Not only are they eco friendly flowers, but they’re also fresh, of good quality and vibrant in colour whilst retaining their lovely scent.

“Local, seasonal flowers have a very low carbon footprint… They are grown not flown”

How Janet Began Growing Flowers


Janet first started growing flowers as a toddler with her grandad who was a show judge and champion grower of sustainable flowers and vegetables. Similarly, Janet has been growing eco friendly flowers for the floristry industry since 2015.

These stunning flowers are the perfect addition to any eco-friendly and sustainable event!

A British grower and florist such as Janet sows the seeds or plants the bulbs and adds peat-free organic compost as well as natural feed such as seaweed. This results in beautiful flowers being produced.

Furthermore, no pesticides or nasty chemicals are used so the bees and butterflies as well as the other pollinators love them. Once the flowers have been picked by Janet, they are conditioned and then transformed into your stunning arrangements.

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Flowers Native to the UK




There are lots of wildflowers that are native to the UK, these include dogs roses, foxgloves, yarrow, aquilegia, cornflowers and forget-me-nots. All of the aforementioned flowers are becoming more popular to use in arrangements, giving a boho look. 

Janet explains that where you are in the UK will determine which types of flowers grow there and are native to that area. For example, some flowers don’t like coastal locations due to the salt water. 

Additionally, flowers grown in the South of England tend to have an earlier start as well as a longer season in comparison to flowers grown in the North of Scotland. This is due to the colder climate in the North, as frosts cut the growing season in the area short. 

Learn About Janet’s Favourite Type of Flower

We asked Janet if she has a favourite flower that she loves to grow for wedding bouquets, and she responded,it’s too difficult to answer! I love tulips and scented narcissi for spring bouquets, followed in the next season by peonies, garden roses and dahlias”.

Taking Care of Flowers At Your Event

Janet explains how all flowers like to be kept in water. If that is not practical for your event, your florist should use sustainably harvested British moss or biodegradable foam in their designs.

After your event is over, it is always advisable to take your eco friendly flowers home as venues tend to throw them in the bin if they are left behind. Once you get them home, you can enjoy them for a few more weeks. 

Following these few weeks, you can then compost them in your home composter or put them in the green waste bin. 

The alternative would be to have them preserved in resin to create ornaments, jewellery, handbags and much more, including having them framed! This way your sustainable flowers can be cherished and enjoyed forever. 

Feel free to browse our website for our various wedding flower preservation and funeral flower preservation products.

Sustainability with Sals Forever Flowers

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Sals Forever Flowers are all about sustainability and being eco-friendly where possible. We believe in recycling and reusing, so you will often find the outer packaging and padding is almost always recycled materials. 

Furthermore, with every order made through us, you will receive some wildflower seeds to plant, which will not only look beautiful in your garden but will also attract the bees and butterflies encouraging pollination. 

After all, without the bees, butterflies and insects pollinating, there would be no flowers for your beautiful arrangements which you have at weddings and funeral events. 

Moreover, any products and materials we can’t use will always be recycled where possible to make sure we are doing our part for the environment. 

So now you know a little bit more about sustainable flowers and how we at Sals Forever Flowers do our part to help the environment. We hope that you will do your part too.

Find Out More About Holyrood Flowers

Keep an eye out on social media for British Flowers Week which is an annual event. Use the hashtag #britishflowersweek on Facebook and Instagram to have a look at what British Flower Growers are doing and see their amazing creations.

Interested in finding out more about Janet’s sustainable flowers business? Check out Janet’s Facebook and Instagram pages and get inspired.

Additionally, head on over to the Holyrood Flowers website for more information or orders for any momentous event you may be having soon!

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