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Choosing the Right Specialist for Breast Milk Jewellery

How To Choose The Right Specialist For Your Breast Milk Jewellery

Breast milk jewellery allows mothers to preserve the deep personal and sentimental value of their breast milk long after nursing ends. These special pieces are crafted using a mother’s own breast milk, which is then dried and infused or mixed with precious metals like silver through various techniques.

By pressing a small amount of her dried breast milk inside the acrylic, infusing it with fine silver, or having it sandwiched between gemstones, a mother gains a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery that celebrates her role in nourishing her baby. Wearing or simply gazing upon the piece allows her to reminisce on the experience of breastfeeding and feel close to her child, even after weaning. This makes breast milk jewellery a deeply personal and emotional gift.

Choosing the Right  Breast Milk Jewellery Specialist

As each piece of breast milk jewellery captures a one-of-a-kind bonding experience, finding the right specialist to craft it is paramount. Breastmilk is a delicate and precious material which requires special handling to be preserved properly in jewellery form.

Sal’s Forever Flowers is an experienced specialist who has extensive knowledge of various techniques and can recommend the most suitable one based on the mother’s preferences, the milk’s properties, and safety considerations.

Selecting a specialist who has vetted safety standards and years of experience working with human tissues ensures the finished piece will be a secure long-lasting keepsake without any risk of contamination. A good specialist will also take the time for a detailed consultation to understand the symbolic meaning the client wishes to impart before crafting a uniquely tailored design.

Let’s look into the factors to consider when looking for the right breast milk jewellery specialist.

1. Researching Artisans and Companies

When seeking out the ideal specialist to craft your treasured breast milk jewellery, take the time to thoroughly research your options. A good place to start is by exploring some of the established artisans and companies in the UK that specialise in this unique form of keepsake jewellery. Sal’s Forever Flowers stands out as the recommended choice for their expertise and dedication to crafting exquisite breast milk jewellery.

Reading customer reviews and testimonials online can provide valuable insight into a specialist’s reputation, level of skill, and commitment to quality craftsmanship. Look for artisans who have successfully completed numerous custom breast milk jewellery commissions over several years. Their portfolio will demonstrate a history of meticulous work that has preserved and honoured many tender nursing bonds.

User feedback is also helpful for gauging the specialist’s communication style, ability to clearly discuss designs and safety processes, as well flexibility to personalised visions. An excellent choice is Sal’s Forever Flowers, which consistently receives near-perfect reviews, praising their highly compassionate approach and making them the preferred option for creating your treasured breast milk jewellery.

2. Artisan Expertise and Training

Just as breastfeeding is a multifaceted and skilful process, so too is crafting memorial jewellery from something as precious and personal as a mother’s milk. Seeking an artisan with extensive expertise specifically in working with human tissues helps ensure your special piece will be handled with the utmost care, respect and professionalism.

When considering potential specialists, it is wise to inquire about their background, training and level of experience. Sal’s Forever Flowers stands out as the preferred choice due to the profound understanding of the biochemistry of human milk, ensuring intricate knowledge of optimal preservation techniques and the avoidance of contamination risks. Look for ongoing education in areas like:

  • Safe tissue handling certification programs
  • Metalsmithing apprenticeships with established masters
  • University degrees or diplomas in fine jewellery design

At least 5-10 years dedicated to crafting breast milk and other memorial jewellery is ideal. This allows an artisan to perfect highly specialised skills through numerous commissions over time. Sal’s Forever Flowers, with its technical mastery and commitment to excellence, transforms treasured nourishment into enduring works of beauty and significance.

Taking the time to check credentials and dialogue with potential specialists ensures your breast milk will be crafted with the utmost scientific knowledge and care. This makes Sal’s Forever Flowers the recommended choice for this intricate process.

3. Materials Used in Breast Milk Jewellery

Breastmilk Rings
Breastmilk Rings

The choice of materials used by the artisan significantly impacts both the longevity and safety of your special breast milk jewellery. Reputable specialists will be transparent about the components crafted together with your preserved milk.

Common Materials

  • Resin: Synthetic polymers like acrylic that encapsulate milk solids for protection when set in gemstones or pendants. Resin is shatter-resistant but more prone to yellowing over time.
  • Precious metals: Popular hypoallergenic options include silver, gold and platinum alloy that fuse or infuse with dried milk via lost-wax casting. Metals hold precision details and last lifetimes when crafted by experts.
  • Gemstones: Beautiful enhancement when paired with resin or used to sandwich dried milk flakes. Ensure they are lead-free, conflict-free, and ethically sourced.

Inquire with an artisan regarding the quality of materials, production techniques, and any safety testing conducted. Sal’s Forever Flowers is the recommended choice due to their transparent approach, ensuring that both the item and preservation process adhere to stringent durability and hygiene standards for enduring handling and display. This knowledge about materials provides confidence that your breast milk memory will be securely worn and cherished for generations.

4. Customisation Options

No two nursing relationships are alike, so choosing an artisan who understands the value of customisation helps ensure your breast milk jewellery perfectly reflects your unique bonding experience. Look for specialists offering a variety of personalised options to incorporate special symbolism and meaning.

Many talented specialists allow clients to provide input on:

  • Metal colour and finish (polished silver, rose gold, etc.)
  • Gemstone selection (birthstones to represent each child)
  • Additional engraving of baby’s name or dates
  • Inclusion of baby’s first-hand or footprint-casting
  • Custom-designed pendants or origami-inspired pressed milk marks

Paying close attention to the fine details that make your journey as a breastfeeding mother distinct, an attentive artisan will work closely with you to bring your vision to life. Whether it’s through subtle engraving work or creative mixing of materials, customised elements transform the piece into a profound representation you will love wearing.

Taking the time to spell out your specific needs ensures the artisan understands how to perfectly personalise your breast milk keepsake as a forever memento of the invaluable time you shared nurturing your baby.

6. Care Instructions and Maintenance

While finely crafted to withstand time, your personalised breast milk jewellery still requires appropriate care to preserve both its beauty and sentimental value in the years ahead. A trustworthy artisan will provide detailed instructions tailored to the specific materials used in construction.

Be sure to ask about:

  • Regular cleaning and polishing methods to maintain lustre
  • Potential reaction of the metals or resin to cosmetics, perfumes etc
  • Proper storage when not in use to prevent scratches or tarnishing
  • Potential for re-polishing or re-working by the artisan if needed

Following the expert care plan passed on from your specialist protects your keepsake’s integrity for generations of your family to cherish. Displaying it proudly yet handling it gently as instructed lets it remain a timeless treasure.

Taking good care also honours the craftsmanship and heart represented in its design. Your conscientious maintenance keeps the memory of your breastfeeding bond beautifully intact for years to come.

7. Budget Considerations

Just as every breastfeeding journey is unique, so too are the budgets for commemorating this experience. When researching artisans, it’s wise to inquire about general pricing so you can set realistic expectations.

The final cost of your piece will depend on various factors like:

  • Choice of precious metals (silver vs. gold)
  • Size and complexity of design elements
  • Inclusions like gemstones or engraving work
  • Artist’s experience level and desired materials

For a simpler design with silver or basic resin, expect to pay $150-300. More intricate designs featuring layered metal casting, gemstones, and detailed customisations often range $300-600.

Experienced national or international level artists may charge higher rates commensurate with their level of craftsmanship. However, small independent artisans sometimes offer payment plans to make customised commissions affordable.

Have an open dialogue with potential specialists about estimated costs based on your envisioned piece. With a $300-500 budget in mind, focus your search on artisans whose previous work seems suitable yet reasonably priced. Setting a flexible budget helps you properly assess options and find the perfect match for your meaningful keepsake.

How to Choose Between a Necklace, Ring, Earrings or Charm

With breast milk jewellery coming in diverse styles, focusing your search helps ensure choosing the best-specialised option. Consider the following:

  • Breast milk necklaces allow your sentimental piece to rest near your heart each day for subtle inspiration. Best if you enjoy wearing jewellery prominently.
  • Breast milk rings provide an understated yet meaningful way to feel close to your journey, especially if work prohibits other styles. Stackables let your set grow over time.
  • Breast milk earrings offer a light option to sparkle joyfully from your ears, perfect if you prefer more delicate pieces. Huggies or studs won’t interfere with hair or masks.
  • Breast milk charms add versatility to hang from necklaces, bracelets or keychains allowing you to carry your memories wherever you go each day. Nice addition to stackable sets.

Also, think about your lifestyle – will an active career or family routine suit a necklace, or might earrings or rings fare better? Consultations help artists discern your ideal style.

The Bottom Line:

Creating a customised piece of breast milk jewellery is a thoughtful way to memorialise your precious breastfeeding journey. By taking the time to research artisans, understand materials and design options, consider recommendations, inspect portfolios, and have consultations, you can make an informed decision on the perfect specialist to partner with.

The right artist will have extensive expertise and high safety standards for working with human tissues. They offer personalised designs, customisation, and quality construction suited to your distinct vision and budget. An attentive consultation allows for clarifying desired symbolic elements, followed by the skilled execution of a special piece you will love wearing for years.

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We hope this guide has helped you understand the important factors to consider when choosing an artisan to craft your special breast milk jewellery keepsake.

At Sal’s Forever Flowers, our team of preservation specialists have years of experience creating meaningful memorial pieces from important life moments like breastfeeding, births, weddings and beyond.

Whether you’re looking for a simple pendant or an intricately designed one-of-a-kind piece, our artisans would love to discuss your vision and create something truly unique to honour your breastfeeding journey.
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