Hi, my name is Sal. I am the founder and artist at Sals Forever Flowers & Sals Sentimental Gifts. I started my resin journey in 2019 when I decided I wanted to have a go at playing with resin (I had already been crafting for 3 years prior to this).  After a whole years worth of research,  mistakes, practice, ideas and finding what I felt I was good at I was ready to launch Sals Forever Flowers in January  2020.

The idea of Sals Forever Flowers came after using my own wedding flowers to practice with. The thought of spending £100’s on flowers for them to be used for a day and then wilt and die or if artificial be boxed and put away just felt a waste to me. There had to be more that could be done with the flowers to keep them alive for longer.

This is exactly what I do at Sals Forever Flowers. I specialise in flower preservation by encapsulating your precious flowers in resin to create timeless keepsakes which last a lifetime. These can be in the form of ornaments, paperweights, jewellery and much more.

Flower Preservation