Welcome to Sals forever

Hi, my name is Sal. I am the founder and one of the artists at Sals Forever Flowers.

I started my resin journey in 2019 when I decided I wanted to have a go at playing with resin (I had already been crafting for 3 years prior to this).  After a whole years worth of research,  mistakes, practice, ideas and finding what I felt I was good at I was ready to launch Sals Forever Flowers in January  2020.

The idea of Sals Forever Flowers came after using my own wedding flowers to practice with. The thought of spending £100’s on flowers for them to be used for a day and then wilt and die or if artificial be boxed and put away just felt a waste to me. There had to be more that could be done with the flowers to keep them alive for longer.

This is exactly what we do at Sals Forever Flowers. We are a team who specialise in flower preservation by encapsulating your precious flowers in resin to create timeless keepsakes which last a lifetime. These can be in the form of ornaments, paperweights, jewellery and much more..

What makes me stand out
from the crowd

One thing you should know about Sals Forever Flowers is that my flower preservation service is a tailor made personal service. Each individual customer will experience the same high standard and quality of customer care.