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6 ways to preserve your wedding flowers

Wedding Flower Preservation

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life! On this day, you are not just symbolising your love, you are also inviting all your favourite people together to celebrate and create memories together. Unfortunately, your wedding day only lasts for a day- but your wedding flowers don’t have to! Keeping your wedding memories close to your heart forever is something that you can do when getting wedding flower preservation.

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Wedding flower preservation resin paperweight 

Getting your wedding flowers preserved in resin is a great way to make some incredible and memorable artwork into a useful piece. Resin is a clear, liquid that hardens around the flowers, in any shape or form that you would like. You can also put other memorabilia in resin, such as a wedding invitation or a small photograph from the special day.

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Wedding flower preservation clutch bag

Why not create something you can wear forever? You can create a clutch bag using resin and your wedding flowers, this is extremely difficult to do yourself though, so it’s always better to get a professional to do it for you. You can make the clutch bag personalised too, as you can choose whether you want a silver or gold chain, what colour flowers you want and whether you would like anything other objects included in the bag.

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Wedding flower preservation jewellery

Here at Sals Forever Flowers, we get a lot of these requests. As long as the jewellery is of high quality (made from either silver or gold), these pieces can be worn for your whole life. Most people have one necklace that they always wear, why not let that piece be your preserved wedding bouquet? It’s a great way to keep your jewellery quite literally close to your heart forever. You can get wedding flower preservation jewellery in many different forms, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and more. 

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Wedding flower preservation photo frame

Got any great photographs from your wedding day? Why not enhance them with a photo frame made out of your preserved wedding bouquet? In addition to having some great memorabilia for yourself, you can also gift these photo frames to the people who came to your wedding. This means that all your bridesmaids and family members can have a keepsake from your special day.

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Wedding flower preservation tealight holder 

This is one of the most special ways to keep a memory forever. Preserving your wedding flowers in a tealight is a beautiful way to enhance how your wedding flowers look, as well as cherish a memory forever. When using a tealight, the flame will shine through the flowers and resin, creating a stunning piece of art.

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Wedding flower preservation cuff links

One for the male audience is to turn your wedding flowers into cuff links! A great way to show off your new wife or husband at work! These add a gorgeous touch to your suit and the wedding flower colour can be chosen to match your favourite shirt! What a great way to wear your memories! 

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